With Washington broken, local innovators in city halls, non-profits and businesses across America are taking it upon themselves to improve people’s lives.

Accelerator for America seeks to provide strategic support to the best local initiatives to strengthen people’s economic security, specifically those initiatives that connect people with existing jobs, create new opportunities and foster infrastructure development. The initiatives we will support are the ones with the potential to be replicated or scaled nationwide, city by city, community by community, focusing on benefitting disadvantaged communities.

The Accelerator applies the best of the tech accelerator model to connect local innovators with the networks, mentorship and capital they need to replicate and scale their initiatives.

Accelerator for America is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3) supported by organizations and individuals who want to take action to make people’s lives better.


Accelerator for America: South Bend meeting

Our Focus

Everything the Accelerator does is about linking people with fulfilling work and helping provide ladders of opportunity to the middle class or beyond. Fulfilling work allows someone to cure the ills of unemployment and underemployment — the struggle to afford housing, health and education. And it provides pride and self-respect.

Fulfilling work also provides stability and the opportunity to save for retirement, post-secondary education, and pathways to create wealth through investing.

How it Works

Instead of another think tank or policy journal churning out white papers, Accelerator for America will focus on taking action and making a real difference in people’s lives. We will form partnerships within the public, private and non-profit sectors; we will draw the public spotlight to promising initiatives; and we will provide additional funding to bring the projects that demonstrate the most promise to be implemented on a larger scale.

Advisory Council

Accelerator for America’s Advisory Council comprises leaders from local government, technology, investing, labor and the non-profit sector who know how to create jobs and bring ideas to scale, and have insight about the future of work and our nation’s economy. They each identify potential initiatives and participate in selecting the initiatives the Accelerator will ultimately support. Where appropriate, the members of the Advisory Council may share their expertise and networks with selected civic entrepreneurs.


Accelerator for America: South Bend meeting