Education Next: The Education Opportunity in Opportunity Zones

Press Coverage: 2, July 2019
Source: Economic Innovation Group (2018 Distressed Community Index)

Source: Economic Innovation Group (2018 Distressed Community Index)

More than 8,700 newly created Opportunity Zones are now racing to attract a portion of the $6 trillion in capital that may flow under a provision of the new tax law enacted in 2017. The law uses a package of tax incentives to jumpstart economic development in distressed communities by financing local startups, building small businesses, or developing properties—but there are also opportunities for education institutions and workforce-development programs.


Thanks to the work of the Economic Innovation Group, Accelerator for America, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, there are more ways for participants to share best practices, but philanthropic support of capacity-building organizations will be critical to the program’s long-term success.

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