Transit and Infrastructure


Transit measures address one of the biggest issues facing the United States: an aging transit system. These measures have the ability to fundamentally improve the way people live. They create quality jobs, ease commutes, improve the lives of those without cars, create more affordable housing and have the ability to reduce carbon emissions.  

At the first meeting of the Accelerator Advisory Council, our members voted unanimously to recommend that we dedicate staff, time and financial resources to assist specific cities/regions with their work on transit measures.

Recently, we commissioned a national poll to learn how everyday Americans understand infrastructure. Americans place infrastructure as one of the top three national priorities. The Accelerator continues to work locally to build national policy.

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What We Provide

We currently provide three services: strategic grants; introduction to the Accelerator’s vast network of partners; and sharing of our expertise and knowledge.

Where We Work

We travel all across the country to find the best local transit measures and consult. In our first year, we’ve assisted:

  • Nashville, TN
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Houston, TX
  • Hillsborough County, FL
  • Connecticut
  • Metro Washington, DC

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